Best Sushi in Orange County

Orange County's 25 BEST RESTAURANTS

"Another Golden Foodie Award-winner, Chef/owner Hiro Noguchi personally visits the LA fish markets at least four times a week to procure fish from Japan"

​75 BEST Places to eat in Orange County

"The omakase begins with a spectacular display of sashimi and continues with beautiful nigiri sushi until you cry uncle." 

TOP 10 OMAKASE in Southern California

"Excellent, and huge portions for the price. The first course of sashimi is almost a full meal in itself."

​​​​​Sushi Noguchi

Top 10 restaurant in Orange County

Orange county's BEST OMAKASE SUSHI

10 ESSENTIAL OC Sushi Joint to say "OMAKASE"

"Not only is it sparkling fresh, it’s adorned so vividly with flowers and leaves that it can no longer be called just a plate of raw fish - IT''S ART!"