​​​​​Sushi Noguchi

OMAKASE SUSHI            20.00          PREMIUM SASHIMI                           22.00
8 PCS best selection sushi of the day

​PREMIUM CHIRASHI                       22.00


​​HIRO’S BEST SEAFOOD MEDLEY  16.95              
Decorative assorted sashimi with various cooked seafood

CHIRASHI                  16.95
(Served with soup)


WASABI CHICKEN SALAD                                                           
WITH HAND ROLL                                      10.95

(Your choice of California or Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

TUNA SASHIMI BOWL             鉄火重       18.95         

SALMON SASHIMI BOWL       北海重        15.95                                               
KOBE BEEF BOWL                神戸牛重    14.95
MIX TEMPURA BOWL           天重           10.00

LUNCH OF THE DAY           日替わりランチ   15.00
A.  CALIFORNIA ROLL SPECIAL (Served with soup, rice, and sunomono)
                        SAUTÉED CHICKEN                                  10.95
          or   SAUTÉED KOBE BEEF                                 11.95

B. SPICY TUNA ROLL SPECIAL (Served with soup, rice, and sunomono)
                     KARAAGE                                                     11.95                        
          or   HITOKUCHI KATSU                                       11.95
C. NIGIRI SUSHI SPECIAL (Served with soup and rice)
                        CHOICE OF ANY ONE ITEM FROM BELOW
SAUTÉED CHICKEN                                        12.95                                                                                                      

Free range chicken breast sautéed with vegetables in soy sauce and ginger
KARAAGE                                                         12.95           

Chicken marinated in house special sauce and deep fried
HITOKUCHI KATSU                                          12.95

Deep fried bite sized pork tenderloin with panko
SAUTÉED KOBE BEEF                                    13.95

Kobe beef sautéed with vegetables in soy sauce and ginger                                                                                                                                                        

MIXED TEMPURA                                            13.95                                                                                                   

Deep fried shrimp and vegetables Japanese style                               

SAUTÉED SALMON                                         13.95 

Sautéed with Hiro’s special cream sauce